Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring bugs and birds, mid March 2012

Spring is early here in Iowa. This was a couple of weeks ago. We have a woody, leafy, soggy spot on the edge of our property and it never fails we can find worms and lady bugs there. LAD and I scattered a few leaves and sent this flock of fliers into a flurry. They were going everywhere. They aren't the fat round ones, but a longer type, but bugs none-the-less!

Shot with the Panasonic DMC-ZS8.

How do worms live in dirt, yet look so clean?

Little person reflection.


These taken with Nikon D 90, Sigma 18-200 lens

Tiny guy scurrying across the patio.

We had a pair of these come thru, not sure if they're still around or not.

She/he? was out snacking on lunch in the front yard.

I cannot believe i got these shots. Love the shape of the wings.

Nah nah na na na nah. They build a nest in the bushes in our front yard...I'll have to dig around and see if i can find where she puts it this year.

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