Monday, April 2, 2012

Recent art

I made these a month or so ago, they're called She Art Girls, inspired by Christy Tomlinson, over at Scarlet Lime. Of course, I gave them away, so now they live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

These are from an online class i'm taking from Junelle Jacobson, sketching and painting and mixed media and all sorts of fun stuff.

These were all done on gessoed book paper (it's not a sketch book, but an upcycled hard back book that i gessoed pages together to make sturdier and give a surface to paint upon). Paints were neocolor II water color water soluble wax pastels. How can wax be water soluble? beats me, but they work.

This was inspired by a piece of Graphic 45 artwork.

You can kind of see the book text showing thru on the background of this one. Fat free!

And the fish again, who also was given away... He is also painted with Neocolors and water colors on Acrylic paper, basically water color paper wanabee. I think i gessoed it first.

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